Leading Serious Fraud Barrister

Jim has extensive experience of advising parties involved in matters which centre on allegations of serious fraud, business crime and/or financial impropriety.

Election fraud

Jim acted for X a conservative party employee who was prosecuted for offences of election fraud at a seat during the general election.

Barclays Bank Investigation

Jim (Instructed by Neil Blundell of Eversheds Sutherland) acted for a senior executive caught up in the SFO investigation into Barclays bank. After drafting representations on behalf of the client they were ultimately not charged with any criminal offence despite an investigation by the SFO into fund raising during the financial crash in 2008 that [...]

Cyber-crime, corporate espionage and data hacking

Jim acted for a high profile PLC “X” who were under investigation for allegedly employing investigators to access confidential data belonging to business rivals. The data included allegedly hacked emails and other confidential data that were of significance in assessing the rivals business capabilities, and it was alleged that the material was accessed in order [...]

Turks and Caicos Islands stamp duty fraud acquittal

Jim acted for S, a Solicitor who was tried on allegations of cheating the revenue in relation to a land transfer where it was alleged stamp duty was unlawfully avoided. After a 5 week trial S was acquitted on all counts.

R. v. B

Acted for an Officer of Innospec in the SFO investigation into corruption in Iraq and Indonesia, after representations were drafted no charges followed.

R v X and a Company

Jim acted for X who was acquitted on allegations of corruption in relation to contracts entered into with BP.  X was the Chairman of a multi-national group of oil and gas sector companies, the Crown offered no evidence against the Company as the controlling mind was acquitted.

R. v. V

Appeared for Defence. £60,000,000 money laundering charges arising out of L.C.B. diversion fraud. Conviction quashed as a result of the non-disclosure by HMRC of a participating informant.

R. v. X

Jim represents a professional in an advance fee fraud prosecuted by the SFO, case is ongoing.

R. v. Y

Multi-national investigation into a Ponzi fraud prosecuted by the SFO. Complicated inter-relationship between civil and criminal proceedings and restraint orders in both the civil and criminal jurisdictions.

R. v. C.

SFO prosecution in relation to timeshare and property fraud across the UK and Europe.

R. v. C & Others

Appeared for Defence in Serbian “sanctions busting” case against a company and its directors, heard in Winchester.

R. v. Vanduvall

Appeared for Defence in 3 month ‘standby letters of credit’ fraud.

R. v. Russell

Appeared for Defence in 5 month “missing trader” fraud.

R. v. C

Appeared for Defence in “timeshare fraud”

R. v. Morley

Appeared for Defence in 3 month “long firm” fraud at Bristol Crown Court.

R. v. Richardson & Others

Appeared for Defence in 2 month allegation of fraud on the Revenue of another EU member state, the first prosecution of its kind.

R. v. Bonner

Appeared for Defence in alcohol diversion case known as “Hare Wines”.

R. v. Casey

Appeared for Defence in VAT fraud.

R. v. C & Others

Appeared for Defence in 3 month fraudulent trading allegation against the directors and staff of the company. Indictment stayed, heard at Chester Crown Court.

R. v. Satnam Singh & Others

Appeared for Defence in largest diversion fraud in the North-East heard at Newcastle Crown Court.

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