Top Serious Crime Barrister

Jim Sturman QC is the first choice for clients accused of the most serious criminal offences. His ranking as a top criminal barrister reflects his expertise in the field, and he is widely considered to be amongst the best barristers when it comes to cross examination and trial advocacy.

Hospital order for infanticide

Jim acted for a young mother and secured a Hospital Order imposed for the infanticide of her infant after the initial murder allegation was dropped.

Successfully appeal against sentence in relation to drugs supply through the dark web

Drug supply sentence reduced from 11 years and 2 months to 8 years imprisonment. Jim acted for A who had originally been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the supply of drugs through the “dark web” whilst a student. Jim was instructed to give a second opinion and after appearing at the Court of Appeal [...]

Attempted murder and GBH acquittal

Jim acted for Z, who was acquitted of attempted murder, gbh and section 20 wounding after a trial. Z was alleged to have shot X in the back. The defence was self-defence/accident, Z having been the victim of a series of burglaries and damage to his property by groups of youths trespassing on his property [...]

18 months for causing death by dangerous driving

Jim acted for Antonio Boparan who pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving on 7th March 2019. The original accident had occurred in 2006, but the injured child did not pass away until October 2015. The Judge concluded that the “starting point” that would have applied at the time of the accident (bearing in [...]

Dealing class A drugs

Jim acted for Aled Gray at the conclusion of the Operation Zeus series of cases. The trials heard by the Court were a series arising from a long term, sophisticated covert police operation into dealing in class A drugs in North Wales. The drugs involved were cocaine and heroin in purportedly “industrial quantities”. It was [...]

Murder of Eastenders’ star and her 2 children

Jim acted for Simson Kent, who pleaded guilty to the murder of his partner (a former star of the television series “Eastenders”) and the two children of their relationship.

Suspended sentence and community sentence for stabbing

Jim acted for BT who pleaded guilty to a section 20 wounding, having stabbed a relative and two onlookers after an argument at a party whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Mr T received a suspended sentence and was ordered to perform community service.

Suspended sentence for student who grievous bodily harm (wounding)

Jim acted for LW who received a suspended sentence (after a period of deferred sentence) for a single count of section 20 wounding at Oxford Crown Court. The defendant’s case attracted considerable notoriety with many sections of the media calling for a more severe sentence and criticising the sentence as being too lenient, the defendant [...]

Acquittal in historic sexual abuse allegation

Jim acted for X, a man of effective good character with no other suggestion of sexual impropriety who faced trial on a single count that related to an incident 35 years ago. It was alleged X had assaulted a young family member at a party. The jury acquitted X.

Acquittal in causing death by careless driving.

Jim acted for X, a man of impeccable character and a professional driver who was charged with causing death by careless driving after the vehicle he was driving came off a hill top road and caused severe injuries to the accused and to his passenger, who sadly later died. The prosecution case depended on expert [...]

Cyber-crime, corporate espionage and data hacking

Jim acted for a high profile PLC “X” who were under investigation for allegedly employing investigators to access confidential data belonging to business rivals. The data included allegedly hacked emails and other confidential data that were of significance in assessing the rivals business capabilities, and it was alleged that the material was accessed in order [...]

Harassment and drugs charges dropped

Jim acted for the son of a high profile diplomat and entrepreneur under investigation for harassment and other offences including drugs offences. The allegations arose after the break-up of a relationship and involved complaints made about a huge number of postings on social media platforms (What’s App, Instagram and Facebook) where it was alleged that [...]

Woman cleared of drugs supply allegations

Jim acted for X, a woman of previous impeccable character who was cleared of supplying drugs in a nightclub and possession with intent to supply of a larger sum seized on her property during a police raid.

No case to answer in conspiracy to murder trial

Jim secured the acquittal of his client (RD) who was accused of being involved in a plan to shoot a man to death. The Crown alleged that the gunmen had shouted “Rebecca wants you dead” before firing a shotgun at point blank range. At the close of the prosecution case Jim successfully persuaded the trial [...]

Suspended sentence for possession of stun gun

R v X (June 2016): Jim acted for a 61 year old businessman of good character who had been imprisoned for two years for possession of a stun gun. X’s original lawyers advised that there were no grounds to appeal but at the hearing of the appeal the sentence was varied to a suspended sentence [...]

Reduced sentence for conspiracy to supply class A drugs

R v J (April 2016): Jim acted for J (but not at trial) who’s application for leave to appeal had been turned down by the single Judge. Jim was instructed to give a second opinion and at the renewed application for leave to appeal the sentence (for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs) was reduced [...]

Professional footballer acquitted of sexual assault

In the Spring of 2016 Jim acted for X, a professional footballer formerly under contract to a Premier League Club who was acquitted of sexual assault after a 3 day trial in South East England.

R. v. IR

Successful appeal against conviction for a young boy convicted of Terrorism Act offences who had run away from home after announcing he intended to travel abroad for Jihad.

R. v. VK

Successful appeal against conviction for false imprisonment and kidnapping that allegedly related to a dispute over a debt owed to VK by the alleged victim. Conviction quashed on the basis of fresh evidence, did not act at original trial.

R. v. KS

Conviction for causing death by dangerous driving quashed for the improper admission of inadmissible evidence and misdirection in law.

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