Foremost Drugs Defence Barrister

Jim Sturman QC is one of the UK\’s best criminal barristers and as such he is often instructed by clients accused of serious organised crime, in particular drugs offences ranging from conspiracy to supply to drugs importation. These sorts of cases often include covert police operations, including the deployment of undercover police officers or participating informants.

Successfully appeal against sentence in relation to drugs supply through the dark web

Drug supply sentence reduced from 11 years and 2 months to 8 years imprisonment. Jim acted for A who had originally been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the supply of drugs through the “dark web” whilst a student. Jim was instructed to give a second opinion and after appearing at the Court of Appeal [...]

Dealing class A drugs

Jim acted for Aled Gray at the conclusion of the Operation Zeus series of cases. The trials heard by the Court were a series arising from a long term, sophisticated covert police operation into dealing in class A drugs in North Wales. The drugs involved were cocaine and heroin in purportedly “industrial quantities”. It was [...]

Harassment and drugs charges dropped

Jim acted for the son of a high profile diplomat and entrepreneur under investigation for harassment and other offences including drugs offences. The allegations arose after the break-up of a relationship and involved complaints made about a huge number of postings on social media platforms (What’s App, Instagram and Facebook) where it was alleged that [...]

Woman cleared of drugs supply allegations

Jim acted for X, a woman of previous impeccable character who was cleared of supplying drugs in a nightclub and possession with intent to supply of a larger sum seized on her property during a police raid.

Reduced sentence for conspiracy to supply class A drugs

R v J (April 2016): Jim acted for J (but not at trial) who’s application for leave to appeal had been turned down by the single Judge. Jim was instructed to give a second opinion and at the renewed application for leave to appeal the sentence (for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs) was reduced [...]

R. v. MR

Conviction quashed and 18 year sentence for drugs importation quashed as a result of non disclosure of the involvement of a participating informant.

The danger of relying on expert evidence in criminal trials

Jim Sturman KC is a leading criminal barrister; in this video he comments to BBC1’s Panorama on the dangers presented by some expert witnesses in criminal trial.

R. v. Charles Dixon (Operation Cinema)

Conviction for drugs importation quashed because of non-disclosure by Customs and Excise. Jim did not act in the original trial.

R. v. Reilly

Appeared for Defence in cannabis case, later reported on disclosure principles and the use of undercover officers.

R. v. Anthony White

Appeared for Defence in 4 month long conspiracy to import tons of cannabis.

R. v. Robert Gould

Appeared for Defence for a co-defendant in the Charles Kray cocaine case.

R. v. Doherty

Appeared for Defence. Leading junior Counsel for the defence in relation to a part of the “Michael Michaels” series of drug trials.

R. v. Pineda

Appeared for Defence. Part of the “Operation Bogota” series of trials.

Major Drugs Offences

For over 25 years Jim has acted in many large scale and complex drugs cases, involving investigations by HMRC and the police into major drugs importations. These cases are often high profile, and sees Jim defending those accused of importation, cultivation and supplying drugs. A common theme is the use of undercover officers and/or “supergrass [...]