Leading criminal barrister for defending violence and sexual offences

As one of the top criminal barristers in England and Wales, Jim Sturman QC is a client\’s first choice when it comes to defending allegations of serious violence or sexual assault. His experience is extensive and spans the breadth of these sorts of allegations; he has successfully defended clients on the basis of mistaken identity, consent, self defence or simply that the complainant is lying.

Attempted murder and GBH acquittal

Jim acted for Z, who was acquitted of attempted murder, gbh and section 20 wounding after a trial. Z was alleged to have shot X in the back. The defence was self-defence/accident, Z having been the victim of a series of burglaries and damage to his property by groups of youths trespassing on his property [...]

Suspended sentence and community sentence for stabbing

Jim acted for BT who pleaded guilty to a section 20 wounding, having stabbed a relative and two onlookers after an argument at a party whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Mr T received a suspended sentence and was ordered to perform community service.

Suspended sentence for student who grievous bodily harm (wounding)

Jim acted for LW who received a suspended sentence (after a period of deferred sentence) for a single count of section 20 wounding at Oxford Crown Court. The defendant’s case attracted considerable notoriety with many sections of the media calling for a more severe sentence and criticising the sentence as being too lenient, the defendant [...]

Acquittal in historic sexual abuse allegation

Jim acted for X, a man of effective good character with no other suggestion of sexual impropriety who faced trial on a single count that related to an incident 35 years ago. It was alleged X had assaulted a young family member at a party. The jury acquitted X.

Suspended sentence for possession of stun gun

R v X (June 2016): Jim acted for a 61 year old businessman of good character who had been imprisoned for two years for possession of a stun gun. X’s original lawyers advised that there were no grounds to appeal but at the hearing of the appeal the sentence was varied to a suspended sentence [...]

Professional footballer acquitted of sexual assault

In the Spring of 2016 Jim acted for X, a professional footballer formerly under contract to a Premier League Club who was acquitted of sexual assault after a 3 day trial in South East England.

R. v. IR

Successful appeal against conviction for a young boy convicted of Terrorism Act offences who had run away from home after announcing he intended to travel abroad for Jihad.

R. v. VK

Successful appeal against conviction for false imprisonment and kidnapping that allegedly related to a dispute over a debt owed to VK by the alleged victim. Conviction quashed on the basis of fresh evidence, did not act at original trial.

R. v. DD

Conviction for g.b.h quashed on the basis of non-disclosure and an erroneous direction as regards identification. Did not act at trial.

The danger of relying on expert evidence in criminal trials

Jim Sturman KC is a leading criminal barrister; in this video he comments to BBC1’s Panorama on the dangers presented by some expert witnesses in criminal trial.

Government of the USA v. Sukharno

Appeared for Defence. Acting for the daughter of the ex-President of Indonesia.

R. v. M

Appeared for male defendant in the “sex on an airplane” case, Manchester Crown Court.

R. v. J

Appeared for care worker prosecuted in relation to alleged child abuse whilst working at a care home, heard in Liverpool Crown Court. (Part of “Operation Care” and linked to the R v Dave Jones case).

R. v. Volker Kappler EWCA Crim 1224

Did not act at trial, conviction quashed on charges of kidnapping and blackmail.

R. v. Abdulla

Acted for Bilal Abdulla charged with the “Tiger Tiger” and Glasgow Airport bomb attacks. October to December 2008

R. v. Darren Williams

Acted for one of the jockeys tried on allegations of “race fixing” at the Central Criminal Court in the Autumn of 2007.

R. v. Raja and others

Acted for IR at trial and on appeal in Terrorism Act offences brought under section 57/58 Terrorism Act. Conviction quashed on appeal, case reported at 2008 EWCA Crim 184, 2008 WLR (D) 51. 2007/2008.

R. v. Kelly

Appeared for Defence. First appeal on the “two strikes” mandatory life sentence. Drafted submissions to the CCRC and the case was referred back to The Court of Appeal after those representations had been considered. Life sentence quashed and the U.K. Government subsequently settled the European Court action.

R. v. S. Stone & Ors

Appeared for Defence in a 3 month conspiracy to rob case.

R. v. Noel “Razor” Smith

Appeared for Defence, acting for Noel Smith in a series of cases in the 80’s and 90’s prior to Mr Smith’s trial for armed robbery at The Central Criminal Court in 1998. Mr Smith subsequently published a best selling autobiography “A few kind words and a loaded gun” which deals with (amongst other events) the [...]

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