Jim has considerable experience defending those accused of murder and/or manslaughter, as well as clients accused of causing death by dangerous and reckless driving. He has acted in more than 50 murders in his career as a junior and as a leader, with issues ranging from diminished responsibility, insanity, provocation and self defence as well as a denial of any responsibility whatsoever. He is often asked to provide a “second opinion” by both solicitors and following referrals from the Criminal Appeal Office.

He conducts many appeals, and drafts representations to the Criminal Cases Review Commission in cases where he did not originally act.

Well liked for his great rapport with clients and his fearlessness in Court
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Featured Cases

Hospital order for infanticide

Jim acted for a young mother and secured a Hospital Order imposed for the infanticide of her infant after the initial murder allegation was dropped.

Attempted murder and GBH acquittal

Jim acted for Z, who was acquitted of attempted murder, gbh and section 20 wounding after a trial. Z was alleged to have shot X in the back. The defence was self-defence/accident, Z having been the victim of a series of burglaries and damage to his property by groups of youths trespassing on his property [...]

18 months for causing death by dangerous driving

Jim acted for Antonio Boparan who pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving on 7th March 2019. The original accident had occurred in 2006, but the injured child did not pass away until October 2015. The Judge concluded that the “starting point” that would have applied at the time of the accident (bearing in [...]

Murder of Eastenders’ star and her 2 children

Jim acted for Simson Kent, who pleaded guilty to the murder of his partner (a former star of the television series “Eastenders”) and the two children of their relationship.

Acquittal in causing death by careless driving.

Jim acted for X, a man of impeccable character and a professional driver who was charged with causing death by careless driving after the vehicle he was driving came off a hill top road and caused severe injuries to the accused and to his passenger, who sadly later died. The prosecution case depended on expert [...]

No case to answer in conspiracy to murder trial

Jim secured the acquittal of his client (RD) who was accused of being involved in a plan to shoot a man to death. The Crown alleged that the gunmen had shouted “Rebecca wants you dead” before firing a shotgun at point blank range. At the close of the prosecution case Jim successfully persuaded the trial [...]

R. v. KS

Conviction for causing death by dangerous driving quashed for the improper admission of inadmissible evidence and misdirection in law.

R. v. TW

Conviction for causing death by dangerous driving quashed as a result of misdirection by trial Judge.

R. v. JS

Conviction for murder quashed on the basis of misdirection by the trial Judge and pressure being placed on the jury, acquitted at retrial.

R v. SL

Jim did not act at the trial. SL’s conviction for murder of her partner quashed and no evidence offered at the retrial on the basis that when analysed the evidence did not in fact disclose a case to answer, the original conviction in the case has frequently been described as a miscarriage of justice.

Hospital order for mother who killed her 3 children

Jim acted for TC who was originally charged with the murder of her 3 disabled children who suffered from SMA in April 2014. The defence of diminished responsibility was made out as a result of expert evidence that agreed TC suffered from a severe depressive illness and pleas of guilty to manslaughter were accepted. On [...]

R v DG and other

Jim acted for a young man charged with murder and manslaughter after a brawl outside a night club where the deceased was killed as a result of a single punch to the side of the neck. Convicted of manslaughter and acquitted of murder.

The danger of relying on expert evidence in criminal trials

Jim Sturman KC is a leading criminal barrister; in this video he comments to BBC1’s Panorama on the dangers presented by some expert witnesses in criminal trial.

R v X

Jim acted for a businessman cleared of an allegation of murder alleged to have been committed at a party that took place after the “V” festival. Trial January 2013.

Fatal car crash in Piccadilly

Jim acted for the defence in a high profile case involving a fatal car crash in the Piccadilly underpass

R. v. X.

Acted for a mother who was charged with murder after she killed her new-born child whilst suffering from severe post natal depression. After the service of medical reports and detailed discussions a plea to infanticide was accepted and X was sentenced to probation.

R. v. G

Acted for G, acquitted of murder and found guilty of manslaughter on the basis of provocation after a trial.

R. v. McGovern

Appeared for Defence in murder trial, now reported on Sections 76/78 of P.A.C.E.

R. v. Ian Kay

Appeared for Defence in the “Woolworths” murder trial.

R. v. Parchment

Appeared for Defence in relation to 2 charges of the attempted murder of Police Officers in Brixton.