Top Murder / Manslaughter Barrister

R. v. Nudds

Appeared for Defence. Murder trial at Northampton Crown Court.

Murder conviction quashed

Appeared for Appellant, SL, in her appeal (though not at trial) against her conviction for murder. The conviction was quashed and at the retrial, the Crown offered no evidence.

R. v. Dallagher

Appeared for Appellant. The conviction was quashed on the basis of fresh evidence casting doubt on the reliability of the “ear-print” identification evidence.” Also appeared at retrial when DNA recovered from the plate of glass was proved NOT to be that of Mr Dallagher. He was acquitted and the case has featured in a series [...]

Colin Stagg acquitted of murdering Rachel Nickell

Acted for Colin Stagg, cleared of the notorious murder of Rachel Nickell after successful submissions at the onset of the trial. Jim thereafter spent more than a decade defending Colin against a campaign of vilification in the media that only ceased when another man pleaded guilty to the crime in December 2008. Jim appeared on [...]


Jim has considerable experience defending those accused of murder and/or manslaughter, as well as clients accused of causing death by dangerous and reckless driving. He has acted in more than 50 murders in his career as a junior and as a leader, with issues ranging from diminished responsibility, insanity, provocation and self defence as well as [...]

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