Harassment and drugs charges dropped

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Jim acted for the son of a high profile diplomat and entrepreneur under investigation for harassment and other offences including drugs offences. The allegations arose after the break-up of a relationship and involved complaints made about a huge number of postings on social media platforms (What’s App, Instagram and Facebook) where it was alleged that the young man involved had crossed the line between obsessive love and engaged in harassment and threats after the relationship ended. As is all too common in these cases, the initial assessment of the case by the police only involved consideration of the messages from the young man. Once his messages were juxtaposed to those sent by the young lady a very different picture emerged, namely of a couple that were equally obsessed and obsessive about each other, and who each arguably crossed the line when in a bad mood. All charges were discontinued after representations were drafted. This is the latest in a series of cases where Jim has successfully acted for young people who have fallen foul of the criminal law whilst engaged on social media platforms, often in disputes with current and/or former girlfriends or boyfriends, including “revenge porn” cases. Early advice in such cases can often make the difference between a young person facing criminal proceedings and a blight on their future prospects and a decision not to prosecute.